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Cherri Bomb - Creepin’


Last night was so much fun.

My dad and I drove 5 hours to LA on Friday night so that we could see cherribombofficial on Saturday night at Troubadour. I designed a Bean Freaks logo and printed some shirts with it to bring to the band, and it was so cool to see Nia and Miranda wearing them! The setlist was absolutely amazing and it was great to hear their new material. I got to take some awkward family photos with them and a couple ugly selfies with Nia (although it’s physically impossible for her to ever look ugly xD). I loved seeing them because they really do mean so much to me. I can’t wait to see them again, whether it requires an hour-long drive or a 5-hour one. I just wanna be there to support them :)

Cherri Bomb - Bean Freaks 

Troubadour 8-16-14

The dancing coffee cups are me and my sister

XO Matty


finished this cb concept/ ‘middle finger’ inspo drawing and i think it turned out ok to some extent

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For anyone who missed “Creepin On My Boyfriend” LIVE on Revolt TVyesterday, here’s a second song that we performed called “Lights In The Sky”. We wrote this song late at night, sitting up above the city on Topanga Canyon. This is our lullaby for the end of the world. Hope you enjoy. Make sure to join us Saturday night (tomorrow), 9:45pm at The Troubadour to hear more new music. Thanks so much to Val Boreland and Debra Weeks and everyone at Revolt TV for the incredible support and love. XO

REVOLT Live: Cherri Bomb Performs Lights In The Sky



new interview with music junkie press!!!

((sidenote they have a pretty rad thing going and you should totally click around their site after you watch the interview!))

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@renalovelis , busting balls. as usual. for those interested in Cherri Bomb trivia, this is the place where Cherri Bomb, the band, was named many eons ago. (at Pinz Bowling Center)

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